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Professional Medical Video Production

Medical video production offers a world of insight for medical procedures and advancements. We discuss how our professional video services stand out.

Our Video Specialities

Our team at Franklin Media specializes in specific video skills, each designed to spread medical knowledge. We focus on recorded training, live video, and interviews.

About the Company

At Franklin Media, we are dedicated to creating videos that make the world smarter.

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From Our Clients
  • It is a pleasure working with Franklin Media! Franklin Media‚Äôs team is very personable and professional when interacting with physicians and hospital staff, and they are the team I approach first when I have a filming or broadcast need.
    Kirsten White, Boston Scientific
  • …I have worked with Franklin Media on livestream and surgical video projects; they get an unreserved “thumbs up” from me.”
    Brian Christine M.D.,

Do you have something to share with the world? Together, let’s make the world smarter!

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