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Medical Video Production: What Makes Us Different

Video production in the medical industry offers a world of insight for those training and learning about specific medical procedures and advancements. This technology provides onlookers outside of the operating room the opportunity to see and hear what occurs throughout a surgery, which promotes further analysis and discussion.

At Franklin Media, we are dedicated to creating videos that facilitate in making the world smarter than before. With our professional medical video services, we offer live broadcasting, and interview videos, which promote the spread of knowledge. Below, we discuss what makes us different from any other medical video production company.

Recording in the Operating Room

Our company believes that if you fail to prepare, then you must prepare to fail. Working around the sterile field and concerns for patient safety, we would never suggest that an untrained videographer film in an operating room. To guarantee success in our filming procedures, every project requires extensive planning. We work closely with you to organize what needs to be filmed and to the extent in which it is done.

Medical Video Production: Medical Training for Your Practice

Our Focus on Equipping Learners

Studies have shown that training conducted through videos results in 35% better retention than a new student or employee only receiving training via written text. With most of our projects, the training videos we record often pertain to safety instruction or a how-to guide concerning a specific and complex medical process.

Therefore, complete comprehension of the material in the training videos is crucial to lasting retention. At Franklin Media, we want to ensure that our innovative, medical video production service optimizes content retention for all viewers.

Our Filming Process

Before we even set up our video equipment, a script is composed by a knowledgeable medical staff member. With scripted training videos designed to highlight critical information, we implement a creative twist to each film. After the script is completed and approved, the filming process entails several different recording elements.

The Franklin Media team will not only capture footage of the speaker and a live demonstration but also any other relevant material designed to aid in the training process. To create clear audio, we often record voice-overs with our professional audio equipment. With the combination and assimilation of all our video and audio content, we set to work on assessing every individual piece to deliver a completed and efficient training video.

Medical Video Production: Reliable Visual and Audio Communication

Our live video is conducted through one of three platforms: recording, broadcast, and interactive teleconferencing. Each video capturing platform is ideal for a specific application, depending on the video’s purpose and intent. At Franklin Media, we understand the continuous evolving of O.R. technology now allows many facilities the possibility of recording and broadcasting on your own.

With the existing technology available for you to self-record and publish your professional medical videos, you can still produce a fine result. However, when you have a project needing a refined video with crystal-clear audio or a live-streamed, interactive teleconference, calling in a specialist is the ideal solution.

Medical Video Live-Streaming

Live streaming is a great way to extend the reach to your audience as most people won’t travel far to watch or listen to a demonstration. However, they might click your live stream link and watch if the content is interesting.

When Franklin Media shoots a video in the O.R., we precisely focus on what the surgeon is discussing. To support or highlight what the surgeon is demonstrating, we will utilize the O.R. monitors and scopes. We will arrive prepared with our own adapters to ensure the audience’s ability to view the feed from all equipment being used.

Interactive Two-Way Communication

At Franklin Media, we offer and encourage audience interaction while teleconferencing through a few methods. The audience has the option to communicate through sending texts or emails to those in the operating room.

If full interaction is desired, we offer a fluid two-way communication that allows the entire group to see and hear everything that happens during the operation. In addition, the surgeon can listen to and answer questions during the procedure.

Medical Video Production: Authentic and Quality-Driven Interview Processes

Professional medical video production interviews involve more than a working camera and designated spokesperson. We believe that authentic candidates in an ideal filming location combined with exceptional filming equipment and technique produce the best interviews.

The Perfect Interview: The Candidate

To better display what your business or practice can do, most of our interviews or testimonials tend to be unscripted. Compelling or animated storytelling guides prospect clients to further consider why your business or practice is better than the rest. Filming the right people is a critical part of our strategy as it is important that leadership is provided with adequate screen time as they should offer a welcoming screen presence. Charisma is an essential component in attracting and keeping clients engaged in the material discussed.

The Perfect Interview: The Location

Sometimes, filming at your practice or business location could provide noisy distractions or cramped accommodations for you and our crew carrying audio and video equipment. In the instance when your business or practice isn’t the best location to film, we scout out a better suited off-site location to complete the interview.

The Perfect Interview: The Equipment and Technique

In addition to filming with the interviewee, we strive to produce a captivating interview by also recording B-roll, the extra footage of daily occurrences and procedures conducted at your medical facility.  The use of B-roll footage gives the viewers a concrete visual of the subject discussed in the interview, smooths content transitions, and helps discard unwanted video footage.

Franklin Media: A Trusted Medical Video Production Company

At Franklin Media, we are devoted to creating a clean and clear audio and video product for your business by listening to your goals and desired outcome. Our professional medical video experts are ready to assist you with your next project. Do you have a discovery or cure to introduce to the world? Contact us today to book your next professional medical interview, teleconference, or training video!

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    Kirsten White, Boston Scientific
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