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3 Benefits of Professional Video Services

Is your company or facility in need of a new video or broadcasting event? Whether you are looking to complete a training video, an interview, or live teleconference, opt for professional video services to assist you. Below, we discuss how utilizing professional video services benefit your budget, time, and final product.

Budget Benefit: Furthering Your Investment

Instead of calculating the expenses of renting the video equipment and paying additional employees overtime to help produce your business’ video, you may find it more cost-effective to give one all-inclusive payment. Hiring professional video services entails a single rate that includes the equipment and people to help service the film. By eliminating the finances spent on a self-produced company video you can redirect the budget towards booking professional video services, your final expenses may be lower than budgeted, and your final product will be something you will be proud of.

Time Benefit: Increasing Your Efficiency

The phrase, “time is money,” applies directly to this benefit of hiring professional video services. If making an in-house video, whether an interview or a live broadcast, hiring a professional video production company will be beneficial. Creating an in-house video without hiring professional video services, you can run the risk of elevating inefficiency through spending excess time on the project. Simply investigating the needed filming technology to complete your project can take extensive time and research. Additionally, tasking one or several employees to utilize the filming equipment and requesting they capture the right footage could lead to a delayed project or even a failed project altogether.

As an alternative, consider hiring a professional with expertise in the industry and necessary equipment to provide an excellent final product. Utilizing the latest in technology, equipment, and shooting techniques, a professional video service can finish the project in an efficient and timely manner. With allowing a professional video service to capture your facility or business through film, you can spend more time focusing on your core business competencies and furthering engagement with clients or patients.

Product Benefit: Ensuring Client Attraction from a High-Quality Result

From filming equipment to rolling footage and editing the takes, you can see a remarkable difference between a professionally made video and its homemade counterpart. Booking professional video services guarantees a film with awareness of your brand and marketing strategy. With a high-quality interview or training video uploaded to your website, you will be sure to attract recurring and prospective clients or patients.

When prospective clients visit your website and notice a polished and professional video, they will be more likely to choose your company’s product or service over a competitor without a video on their website. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then one or two videos on your website is worth so much more. Why make a potential client guess at what you do with photos when a video tells the story?

Franklin Media: Professional Video Services for Your Industry Needs

At Franklin Media, we dedicate our services to highlight your business through filming and producing live broadcastings, interviews, and training videos. Tailored to your specific requests and concerns, our highly-trained video production crew listens to your input as they develop and edit your final product. Contact us today to book your next professional interview, teleconference, or training video!

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  • It is a pleasure working with Franklin Media! Franklin Media’s team is very personable and professional when interacting with physicians and hospital staff, and they are the team I approach first when I have a filming or broadcast need.
    Kirsten White, Boston Scientific
  • …I have worked with Franklin Media on livestream and surgical video projects; they get an unreserved “thumbs up” from me.”
    Brian Christine M.D.,

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