Interviewing the right people is a critical part of our strategy. While it is important that leadership teams get some screen time, the best interview candidate is a person with great screen presence. Charisma attracts clients, keeping them engaged.

Choosing the ideal interview location can be challenging. Often, settings are too noisy or small to accommodate a crew with video gear. In those cases, we scout out an off-site location that better suits our needs.

To create a captivating interview, we record B-roll. B-roll is extra footage of daily happenings around an office or workspace. This footage offers a visual of the interviewee’s subject matter. We utilize B-roll to smooth transitions, eliminate unwanted footage, and create a fluid interview.

Interviews or testimonials are usually unscripted, painting a vivid picture or story of what your business or practice can do. Stories engage consumers. Storytelling guides potentials clients to consider how you could fulfill their needs. A good interview or testimonial video can be strong a marketing asset for your business.

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Delivering Your Story

Delivering your knowledge with Franklin Media can happen through live broadcasting from places of learning, produced training videos for your website, or interviews. Each is uniquely effective – together, we can decide which option will best meet your needs.