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Though a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can offer what an image lacks – a look into what uniquely sets your organization apart. A company that offers viewers the chance to watch and experience a video testimonial from a previous client may easily set themselves apart from the competition. Are you considering the value this service could add to your business? Below, we discuss three ways a video testimonials service communicates your company’s value and the importance of producing professional endorsements.

Value Through A Customer’s Endorsement

A video testimonial service provides tangible evidence supporting how your client base feels about your products or services. Positive customer reviews are one of the most valuable assets of a company. Similar to how a company can suffer from a negative review, a positive customer endorsement captured on video can help a business flourish.

Value Through Multiple Documented Examples

Anyone can leave a shining review of your business on Google or Yelp, but a video testimonial service speaks volumes into how pleased a client was with your business. When you have a selection of multiple testimonials from various clients, anyone watching will feel confident in your products or services. Even one positive review can make the difference when converting prospective viewers into recurring customers.

Value Through Your Customers Feeling Valued

It’s not every day that a client is asked to help partake in a video testimonial. By asking a satisfied customer to participate in recording a video review, they will feel confident when sharing their experience.

Additionally, your interest in the client satisfaction demonstrates that you value more than the revenue their business brings. The testimonials they provide could even reference how well your business communicates, adding to the reliability and efficiency of your company. Clients don’t want to be treated like a number in a spreadsheet. They want to be treated with priority and attentive care.

Value Through Professional Video Testimonial Services

Though modern technology allows anyone to record videos, you want to ensure the highest quality video product when completing a customer testimonial video. As a result, hiring a professional video testimonial service will guarantee an efficient recording process and polished final product. Additionally, your client will feel even more valued when they realize you hired a professional video crew to document their testimonial.

Communicate Your Company’s Value with Franklin Media

At Franklin Media, we are devoted to creating a clean and clear audio and video product for your business by listening to your goals and desired outcome. Our professional video staff are ready to assist you in filming and producing your next media project.

Do you have a client open to sharing their thoughts and experiences with your business to the world? Contact us today to book your next video testimonial service!

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  • It is a pleasure working with Franklin Media! Franklin Media’s team is very personable and professional when interacting with physicians and hospital staff, and they are the team I approach first when I have a filming or broadcast need.
    Kirsten White, Boston Scientific
  • …I have worked with Franklin Media on livestream and surgical video projects; they get an unreserved “thumbs up” from me.”
    Brian Christine M.D.,

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