What is Live? Live takes three forms: live recording, live broadcast, and interactive teleconferencing. Your first step is picking the one you need.

Live Recording: Classes and seminars are often recorded live for later viewing, often posted online. One benefit of Live to Recording is post-presentation editing. Even if the presentation wasn’t flawless, the final recording footage will be.

Live Broadcast: Special events, announcements, or training from a sensitive area, such as an operating room, benefit from this option. Live Broadcast allows the spectator to view the event as it happens and, depending on the scenario, ask questions to the presenter.

Interactive Teleconferencing: When set up in a news-like room, such as an office or studio, we can host a full interactive meeting. Teleconferencing permits us to feature a main host, while allowing people from across the world to join or present in the meeting. With Franklin Media controlling who can talk and ensuring every piece is timed correctly, your meeting will be efficient, effective, and professional.

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Delivering Your Story

Delivering your knowledge with Franklin Media can happen through live broadcasting from places of learning, produced training videos for your website, or interviews. Each is uniquely effective – together, we can decide which option will best meet your needs.