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5 Benefits of Professional Video Interview

A clean and polished business website can easily become tainted with a single, poor quality video interview uploaded to your home page. Whether your image resolution is unclear, the audio is hard to distinguish, or the overall look seems rushed and under-budgeted, any poor elements in a video interview could deter future clients. However, hiring a professional video service to film your interviews can make the greatest impact. Below, we discuss two main interview methods and the five greatest benefits of creating a professional video interview.

Types of Interview Videos

Picture a professional video interview for your business website. What do you envision? Does the interview appear as a single person facing the camera answering questions or discussing a subject matter? Or do you imagine a conversational interview between two individuals?

Single Focus Interviews

A single focus, or talking head, interview is a standard format in which a solo speaker fits the frame, typically from the chest or waist up. This gives complete focus to the speaker and what they have to say. Single focus interviews popularly appear in journalism and documentaries and works well with businesses wanting to introduce people to the company’s mission, products, and services. As the main interviewee offers details about a specific product or service, the video could include B-roll footage to provide an illustration or demonstration for viewers. Has your hospital recently opened a new labor and delivery wing? With a single focus interview, you can explain the details and purpose behind each element and support them with B-roll footage of the new facilities.

Conversational Interviews

Conversational interviews are most often recognized in a talk show format featuring both an on-camera host and interviewee. The real-time dialogue gives these interviews an authentic and less scripted feel, though a single focus interview can also remain unscripted. For businesses wishing to maintain a casual approach, this interview method may work best for you.

Professional Video Interview Benefits

Genuine Authenticity 

To better display what your business or practice can do, video interviews can be unscripted. It’s best that the viewer can compare your presence on video with how you conduct business in person or over the phone. Genuine authenticity on video that matches your persona in the office will give prospective clients the confidence to trust you and your business. Filming the right person is a critical part of showing genuine authenticity and it is important that they offer a welcoming screen presence.

We understand that sometimes, filming at your practice or business location could provide noisy distractions or cramped accommodations for you and the professional filming crew carrying audio and video equipment. In the instance when your business or practice isn’t the best location to film, scout out a better suited off-site location to complete the interview.

Captivating Storytelling 

It is much easier to watch an action-packed blockbuster film for over two hours than view a monotonous documentary for an hour. The same concept applies to video interviews. Why is that so? Compelling or animated storytelling guides prospect clients to further consider why your business or practice is better than the rest. Charisma is an essential component in attracting and keeping clients engaged in the material discussed. A professional video interview with high-quality audio, video, and B-roll footage can make the difference in how a client watches your videos.

A Polished Inside Look

From filming equipment to rolling footage and editing the takes, you can see a remarkable difference between a professionally made video and its homemade counterpart. Booking professional video services guarantees an interview with awareness of your brand and marketing strategy. With a high-quality interview video uploaded to your website, you will be sure to attract recurring and prospective clients.

When potential customers visit your website and notice a polished and professional video, they will be more likely to choose your company’s product or service over a competitor without a video on their website. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then one or two videos on your website is worth so much more. Why make a potential client guess at what you do with photos and a brief, written description when an interview tells the full story?

Easy to Produce with Lasting Results

The phrase, “time is money,” applies directly to this benefit of hiring professional services to produce your video interview. When creating an in-house video without hiring professional video services, you run the risk of elevating inefficiency through spending excess time on the project. Simply investigating the needed filming technology to complete your video interview project can take extensive time and research. Additionally, tasking one or several employees to utilize the filming equipment and requesting they capture the right footage could lead to a delayed project or even a failed project altogether.

With a professional video production team, you can focus on how you wish to represent your business without learning how to film, edit, and produce the video interview. As an alternative, consider hiring a professional with expertise in the industry and necessary equipment to provide an excellent final product. Utilizing the latest in technology, equipment, and shooting techniques, a professional video service can finish the project in an efficient and timely manner. With allowing a professional video service to capture your facility or business through film, you can spend more time focusing on your core business competencies and furthering engagement with clients or patients.

Malleable Footage Suitable for Social Media Re-purposing

A professional video interview is a valuable addition to your business website. However, you can take it one step further. With the acquired footage, audio, and B-roll, professional video interviews can easily transform and break up into shorter video clips and transcript quotes suitable for your social media ads and case studies. This allows you to re-purpose your high-quality professional video interview and attract more clients who prefer scrolling through social media apps over Google searches.   

Franklin Media: Professional Video Interview Services for Your Business Needs

At Franklin Media, we dedicate our services to highlight your business through filming and producing high-quality video interviews. Tailored to your specific requests and concerns, our highly-trained video production crew listens to your input as they develop and edit your final product. Contact us today to book a professional interview for your business website!

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