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Does your medical facility primarily incorporate manuals and meetings to train your medical staff or students? Though textbooks and seminars deliver great medical training resources, using video training materials provides a more thorough demonstration, aiding in the retention of any procedure, practice, or protocol. Rather than completing training video production on your own, we discuss how your medical facility can stand out with quality medical training video production services.

Training Video Production Promotes Higher Retention

Did you know that any learning material or training conducted through video results in 35% higher retention than only receiving training via written text? As opposed to reading a manual or sitting through a meeting, training videos benefit multiple types of learners who best retain information through auditory, visual, or kinesthetic methods.

Most recorded medical training videos often include safety instruction or demonstration of a specific and complex medical process. Therefore, complete comprehension of the training video material is crucial to lasting retention.

As an added benefit to creating a high-quality medical training video, the finished material can be uploaded to your website for students and staff to view as often as needed.

Medical Training Video Production and Process

Traditionally, production services work with a knowledgeable, medical staff member to compose a script as the first step. Scripted training videos are designed to highlight critical information; thus, it is best to implement a creative twist to each film to maintain viewers’ attention and interest.

After the script is completed and approved, the filming process entails several different recording elements. The media team not only captures footage of the speaker and live demonstration, but also includes any other relevant material designed to facilitate the training process.

With the combination and assimilation of all that content, the final step involves assessing every individual piece to deliver a completed and efficient training video.

The Main Ingredient for a High-Quality Product

The most important component to successful, high-quality video is reliable visual and audio communication. Reliable visual content provides all the necessary video for viewers to understand the content. As opposed to looking at an image from a manual, video captures the entire process. For example, production teams precisely focus on what the surgeon is discussing when shooting a training video in the O.R. To support or highlight what the surgeon is demonstrating, they will utilize the O.R. monitors and scopes.

Creating clear audio can be hard to do when only using audio from the demonstration. That’s why most production services often record voice-overs with professional audio equipment to ensure a clean audio output. Additionally, a medical video production service will arrive prepared with their own adapters to ensure the video includes the feed from all equipment being used.

High-Quality Medical Training Video Production with Franklin Media

We understand that many facilities can record video on their own. With the existing technology available for you to self-record and publish your medical videos, you may be able to produce a fine result. However, when you have a project needing refined video with crystal-clear audio, calling in a specialist is the ideal solution.

At Franklin Media, we believe that helping doctors become better healthcare providers will result in saved lives. If what we do helps save one person, our entire mission has been worthwhile. Our services are devoted to creating a clean, clear, and high-quality video product for your medical facility by listening to your goals and desired outcome. With our professional video experts, we are ready to assist you with your video production.

Are you ready for your next series of training videos? Contact us today to see how we can help or to receive examples of our work!

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