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A study conducted in 2018 reported that 85% of internet users in the United States watched online video content. With the growing consumption of media and digital marketing, those statistics will likely continue increasing, especially with the new stay-at-home culture. Are you a doctor looking for new ways to boost your online presence? Below, we explore five of the best videos for doctors to make and the benefits of providing free, online health education videos.

5 Successful Types of Videos for Doctors to Create

Although there are many additional video marketing strategies available, we want to highlight five of the best video content methods for doctors to use that draw in patients as they watch from across the nation.

#1. Vlogs

Vlogs are an upgraded version of a blog for several reasons: viewers can see and listen to you, putting a face behind your name. They offer a cost-effective platform to establish a unique voice and personable image that resonates with your target market.

This authentic approach gives your video content a relatable quality instead of a slick, corporate production. With social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, your vlogs could reach upwards of 800 million viewers. It’s so effective that 85% of businesses are adopting this video marketing strategy!

YouTube celebrities, athletes, and influential entrepreneurs alike have been following this approach for years, and data shows that over 44% of Internet users watch vlogs monthly. As a result, it is incredibly impactful when building strong, transparent, lasting relationships with your audience.

#2. Behind-the-Scenes & Company Culture

One of the best types of videos for doctors is the simple concept of sharing your day at work while maintaining confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. What goes on behind the scenes? What could patients through a vlog that they wouldn’t understand or retain as well through a brochure or web page?

Behind-the-scenes content offers an immersive experience, pulling back the curtain on a medical facility to allow both current and potential patients to forge a connection with you. Your followers can see your office’s design, how you prepare for the long workday, what your personalities are like, and how your team interacts with each other.

#3. Interview Q&A

Interview videos are ideal when building your practice and authority for the following reasons:

  • They allow you to align your facility with accurate medical data and practice.
  • They help you establish authority with input from a respected voice.
  • They give your audience an intimate 1-to-1 experience, where you answer hard-hitting questions.

To better display what your medical practice can do, video interviews can be unscripted. The viewer can then compare your presence on video with how you speak to a patient in person or over the phone. Genuine authenticity on video that matches your persona in the office will give prospective clients the confidence to trust you and your business.

#4. Webinars

Virtual webinars are an easy way to learn about nearly any subject. Additionally, webinars are an excellent tool to promote with paid ads. You can use Facebook ads to drive sign-ups for your webinar, then leverage that traffic to generate more leads and, eventually, make more sales from your product or service. It’s a win-win!

If you’re new to this video content method, consider webinars as a free live event, which you set up with some simple calendar invites. Google Calendar is perfect for this, and you don’t need an elaborate script to run a webinar.

Different types of video content to include in your webinar may be the following:

  • Presenting an FAQ section to answer general medical questions
  • Conducting a roundtable panel discussion with several medical specialists in your niche
  • Hosting a live event

It is important to remember that it is not necessary to constantly produce webinars to make an impact, either. As mentioned above, vlogs are published on a regular occurrence, such as daily or weekly. However, you can still generate a decent interaction with a weekly or monthly webinar.

#5. Presentations

TED Talks have steadily grown in trend as people watch a several minute video about various exciting topics. Used primarily as a learning platform, TED Talks offers an engaging way to educate viewers succinctly.

Presentations capitalize on an event’s excitement by combining it with the practical use of a webinar to create a compelling, relevant, and highly shareable video. When you think about it, most guests who appear on TED Talks are simply individuals who want to increase their brand presence and education. Therefore, if your medical practice relies on product or procedure education to viewers, posting a video presentation could significantly impact their retention.

Videos for Doctors: 3 Benefits of Online Health Education

#1. Equipping Viewers while Staying at Home

Studies have shown that videos produce 35% better retention than if someone instead read the same information. Therefore, considering current stay-at-home practices, many people will resort to top Google results or WebMD to determine what their body may reveal about their health.

As a medical practitioner, you want to provide patients, and viewers, with the most accurate and up-to-date general medical information to prevent them from accidentally taking the wrong direction in their health. Therefore, by posting free online health education through the video types mentioned above, you can help leave your mark on equipping viewers at home.

#2. Getting the Most Out of Show and Tell

Whether it’s demonstrating the scientific effects of wearing a mask, what happens to your lungs after smoking, or how to help someone choking, some of the best videos for doctors will implement the show and tell method.

When patients are engaged, they become more actively involved in their own healthcare, leading to lower costs and better outcomes. When online health education videos are designed to teach or improve specific self-care skills or techniques, offering clear instruction while performing the skill or action is the most effective teaching method.

#3. Curating and Sharing Medical Expertise

All organizations rely on employees to share institutional knowledge, although perhaps none more so than in healthcare. Whether you show in detail exactly how to work through an assessment or diagnosis, an administrator sharing the right way to enter data into the institution’s records systems, or virtually anything else, healthcare organizations must ensure they utilized their teams’ full expertise.

A creative and popular method to go about this is to review medical shows and discuss what is accurate and inaccurate about what appears on the screen. You can film yourself watching the clips (with highlighting B-roll of the tv show) and pausing when necessary to make remarks, whether in agreement or opposition. This can be an entertaining way for viewers to learn more about the medical field as you share your expertise.

Boost Your Video Content with Franklin Media

We understand the significant value of implementing effective video content that aligns with your digital marketing strategy. That’s why at Franklin Media, we devote our services to creating a clean, clear, and high-quality video product for your business or organization by listening to your goals and desired outcome.

Our professional video experts are ready to travel to where you are and assist with your video marketing and other digital marketing needs. Contact us today to see how we can help grow your business or practice and to receive examples of our work!

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