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Online presence through social media and live streaming is more important to business marketing than ever before. In an era of telecommunication and digital business, securing a professional online presence is paramount. Have you considered live streaming content for your business such as promoting a new product, service, or study? In the content below, we discuss the importance of live streaming and explore two main reasons to use professional live streaming for your next event in lieu of self-producing it.

Live Streaming for Your Business: Top 3 Benefits

As a result of live-streaming, research reports that nearly 44% of viewers said they watch less TV. With the value of a live stream exponentially outweighs that of a commercial, now is the time to begin implementing live streaming in your business marketing strategy. Below are three reasons why your business should begin video live streaming.

#1. Create Real Engagement

Live video streaming is a quick and efficient way to build a better relationship between your business and customer base. In contrast to a video testimonial, the content presented in a live streaming event is unique and highly valuable. With an unscripted approach, each moment is brand new and un-staged to the viewer. As a result, the immediate and unpredictable nature of the filming technique attracts the viewer to answer their subconscious question: “What will happen next?” Especially when streamed over social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, viewer can engage by hitting the like button, sharing the video, or commenting in real time.

Furthermore, you can engage back with your viewers by giving them a shoutout in your live video. Doing so can result in a back-and-forth conversation with your viewers and increasing their attraction to the live streaming event. Additionally, news about the live show will spread and continue to draw new viewers to your business.

#2. Raise Brand Awareness and Give Employee Spotlights

Any business or industry can utilize live streaming videos to project their company’s message, brand, or products. Especially if your product or service requires a degree of consumer education, live streaming allows the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate or explain the purpose behind it. By routinely producing video content to your website and social media platforms, you can exponentially increase your brand awareness to consumers.

With small businesses and corporations alike, viewers want to learn more about the people behind the business. Whether your CEO or bookkeeper want to produce a quick, live stream video about who they are and what they do in the company, your viewers will feel attracted to knowing that your business cares about not only the customers but also your employees. It is important to note that viewers want to see the real you during a live stream. If they wanted a staged video, they could flip through the TV guide to watch a reality show.

#3. Understand What Your Audience Likes

The beauty of live streaming is that the filming strategy is not rigid. Essentially, you can adapt your video content by understanding what your audience likes and testing new approaches. Therefore, take a moment to consider what your competitors are doing:

  • Are competitors posting videos about product education?
  • Is the tone more casual or professional?
  • Do the videos have a recurring host or does each video introduce new employees or departments?

By relying on viewer engagement and the amount of views, likes, and shares accumulated in each video, you can use the trial-and-error method until you find the best live streaming method for your business.

Top Benefits of Professional Live Streaming Video Services

#1. Eliminate the Hassle

Starting out, setting up and going through an entire live streaming session may seem intimidating. However, with hiring a professional media service to complete the behind-the-scenes tasks, it eliminates the hassle for you! While live streaming an event, your priority is to focus at the tasks at hand—ensuring your content is professional and that you best present both yourself and your business.

When being on the front-end of the camera, its stressful multitasking that with ensuring the operations are running smoothly. As a result, you risk experiencing a choppy video output and creating lower quality content. Live streaming can be unpredictable at times, or even unscripted. Additionally, many people could be watching – and so many things could go wrong! Therefore, allow the professionals to tackle the hassle of producing the live stream video and monitor connectivity with the internet and social media platforms.

#2. Produce a Stable Connection and Refined Overall Product

We understand that not everyone is tech savvy and can quickly experience technical difficulties as a result. However, in terms of business marketing and creating a consistent, professional brand, it is beneficial to produce refined content with a stable connection.

While ensuring a stable connection as you live stream, you can better generate a real engagement with your viewers. Additionally, potential clients can see your professional live streaming event and notice the professional quality as opposed to a cheap, homemade feel.

Even after the live stream is finished, in most cases it automatically becomes VOD content that you can reuse and repurpose. Therefore, any viewers who wish to re-watch your video can rely on a high-quality product that is void of internet connection issues.

Professionally Live Stream Your Next Event with Franklin Media

At Franklin Media, we devote our services to creating a clean, clear, and high-quality video product for your medical facility by listening to your goals and desired outcome. Our professional video experts are ready to travel to where you are and assist with any of your video projects from live streaming to filming new training videos.

Are you ready for your next live video streaming event? Contact us today to see how we can help or to receive examples of our work!

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