Medical training is a sensitive, complicated topic – crafting high-quality medical training video is equally complex. Due to involved liabilities, an untrained videographer and crew have no place in the operating room.  

Why Franklin Media? 

At Franklin Media, we bring a wealth of experience working around sterile fields into the operating room or gastro lab, familiar with utilizing O.R. credentialing systems such as Reptrax and Sympler. Our team is professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy – required traits for appropriate operating room access.  

What does our process look like?  

Video: When we shoot a video in the operating room, we begin by listening. At this starting point, our team will comprehend the entire scope of the training and film with precision. At Franklin Media, we possess the proper tools to produce an excellence medical training material. For example, trainees often require clear access to O.R. monitors, such as scopes. In these situations, our team utilizes adaptors to ensure that the audience can view all equipment used.  

Audio: Excellent audio is just as vital as video. We ensure the surgeon’s words are clearly heard. 

Audience interaction: Our team provides option audience interactivity during live stream training, according to your needs. Audience interactivity is available via a variety of methods. Whether your training video requires text or email questioning or full interaction, allowing a trainee group to see, hear, and be heard, our team at Franklin Media will provide the proper equipment to make it happen. 

Why not utilize O.R. technology to broadcast or film your medical training video?  

Over the years, O.R. technology has certainly evolved. Many operating rooms possess the ability to broadcast or record on their own. However, when a polished look and crystal clear audio are required, calling in specialists with a plethora of experience is best. This is where we come in.  

At Franklin Media, we aim to make your training video the best it can be – delivering your knowledge to a waiting world. Get in touch today at 773.354.6539.