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Our three core competencies support the heart of our team, a passion for healthcare, medical support, and specialized medical training. 

We exist to spread life-saving knowledge from one physician to another. As one physician rises to the top of their field, they should send the elevator back down for the next. We lead this process via the medium of video.  

Live Video 

Live video takes three forms: live recording, live broadcast, and interactive teleconferencing.  

Live recording involves classes or seminars recorded live for later viewing. Live recording offers the opportunity for post-presentation editing, producing a flawless final recording. 

Live broadcast is a powerful tool for training in sensitive areas, such as an operating room. From the safe distance of a classroom or office, spectators and trainees can view the event as it happens – depending on the scenario, audience interaction is also available. 

Interactive teleconferencing is a fully-interactive meeting, featuring a main host and allowing participation from people anywhere in the world. 


Captivating interviews or testimonials can be extraordinary marketing assets. Our team scouts out an ideal interview location, avoiding noisy, small settings. We record B-roll, extra footage of daily happenings around a workspace or office. During post-production, B-roll is tactfully added to smooth transitions, creating a fluid interview. Interviews paint a vivid picture. 


Medical training is a sensitive subject. Only qualified videographers should be employed within sensitive environments, such as the operating room or gastro lab. At Franklin Media, we bring a wealth of experience into the sterile fields. Our team is familiar with credentialing systems like Reptrax and Sympler, and we conduct ourselves with upmost care, professionalism, and integrity. 

At Franklin Media, we aim to make your shared media the best it can be – delivering your knowledge to a waiting world. Get in touch today at 773.354.6539. 

From Our Clients
  • It is a pleasure working with Franklin Media! Franklin Media’s team is very personable and professional when interacting with physicians and hospital staff, and they are the team I approach first when I have a filming or broadcast need.
    Kirsten White, Boston Scientific
  • …I have worked with Franklin Media on livestream and surgical video projects; they get an unreserved “thumbs up” from me.”
    Brian Christine M.D.,

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