Though a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can offer what an image lacks – a look into what uniquely sets your organization apart.

Testimonial videos are an excellent way for potential clients to see how current or past customers feel about your practice or business. Positive customer reviews are one of the most valuable assets of a company. In fact, a positive customer endorsement captured on video can help a business flourish.

At Franklin Media, we are devoted to representing your business in the best light by creating a clean, clear audio and video product. By listening to your goals and desired outcome, our professional video team is ready to assist you in filming and producing your next media project.

Testimonial Video Production Gives a Lasting Impact

Anyone can leave a positive review of your business on Google or Yelp, but a testimonial video speaks volumes into how pleased a client was with your business. When your practice or business has a high reputation, it is easy to find dedicated clients who are willing to step in front of the camera and share their story and experience.

With a selection of multiple testimonials from various clients, anyone new to your company who watches your testimonial videos will feel confident in your products or services. Even one positive review can make the difference when converting prospective viewers into recurring customers.

Additionally, your interest in client satisfaction demonstrates that you value them more than simply revenue their business brings. The testimonials they provide could even reference how well your business communicates, adding to the reliability and efficiency of your company. Clients do not want to be treated as if they are only a number in a spreadsheet. They want to be treated with priority and attentive care, and requesting a video testimonial can play a role in customer satisfaction!

Creating A High-Quality Testimonial Video

To create a captivating interview, we record B-roll. B-roll is extra footage, capturing daily happenings around an office or workspace. This footage offers a visual of the interviewee’s subject matter.

We utilize B-roll to smooth transitions, eliminate unwanted footage, and create a fluid interview.

Typically, testimonial videos are unscripted, painting a vivid picture or story of what your business or practice can do. Stories engage consumers. Storytelling guides potentials clients to consider how you could fulfill their needs. A good interview or testimonial video can be strong a marketing asset for your business.

Delivering your knowledge with Franklin Media can happen through live broadcasting from places of learning, produced training videos for your website, or interviews. Each is uniquely effective – together, we can decide which option will best meet your needs.

Do you have a client open to sharing their thoughts and experiences with your business to the world? Contact us today to book your next video testimonial service!