Neighbor Project

This was a live fundraiser that exceeded the expectation of the client. The client raised more money than anticipated and they attribute some of that to the quality production.

Bedside Shift Report

Northwestern Medicine in downtown Chicago hired Franklin Media to create a video that shows how a bedside shift report should be done. Just as importantly as “How” it is done at the beginning of the video states “Why” it is done.

Artificial Urinary Sling

This is the raw footage of a demonstration on how to install an artificial urinary sling. No audio for privacy.

Short Example of Heart Surgery

Using a jib and remote we were able to get this clear shot. After the shoot was over the surgeon did the voice-over.

Boston Scientific Product Testimonial

Boston Scientific had Franklin Media do a southern tour to interview docs about their product. In this video the doctors discuss a product that is impregnated with InHibizone.

SEI Update Video

The Summer English Institute or SEI hired Franklin Media to spend a month with them to create videos for their use. This video was created to inform the parents about. It was a ton of fun to make.